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About Signing Hands; Baby Signing Basics

Baby signing has swept the country and it's not hard to see why. At just 6 months old, a baby's motor skills are sufficiently developed to make simple gestures, enabling them to bridge the communication gap and show their parents what they need.  

To put this into perspective, at 12-15 months babies will only have around ten words - most of which will be unclear leading to frustrating periods for toddlers as they try to communicate using their just developing speech.

"Visually appealing, literally a 'hands on' reference book that can be enjoyed by mums and little ones together – and we do.” Anne-Marie, signing Mummy to Charlie, Milly and Rudi


This beautifully illustrated basic guide to baby signing has been produced in collaboration with leading British Sign Language author Cath Smith, as well as experienced baby signing teachers.

“Signing Hands, Baby Signing Basics is a fantastic resource for parents and carers, easy to understand text and mums have raved about the beautiful illustrations." Melissa - baby signing teacher

Easily understood and clearly written by Lizzie Betts, with first signs, tips and exercises as well as engaging pictures from new illustrator Jo Cauldrick, this book will quickly and simply show you and your baby how to communicate through signing. 

Looking at other resources, we haven’t seen anything like this on the market.  This has enough information without getting overwhelmed and beautiful pictures.  Perfect.” Rachel, signing Mummy to Phoebe


Used by expert teachers at Little Signers Club